who is it for

The range of conditions and Problems which can be treated or improved using hypnosis is impressively broad.  

Anxiety, stress, nerves, panic attacks, phobias, self confidence, self esteem, weight control, stopping smoking, stage fright, performance anxiety, public speaking, driving test nerves, exam nerves, nightmares,memory, nisomnia, blood pressure, pain control, obsessions, grief, sexual Problems, relationship Problems, motivation, sports performance, business enhancement,money issues,traumas like birth,devorce,sexual abuse,mobbing etc.fears of all kinds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


How we do the session.


During our session,your only job will be to relax,be open,follow my instructions and receive.I will guide you to give yourself permission to connect with a part of you,and allow your devine self to support your healing process.As a result of this you can uncover the root of an issue,which may have been holding you back or kept you suffering,sometimes for a very long time.It is gentle,safe with fast results.


After you have contacted me, we have a 15-20 minutes talk(on Skype or WhatsApp) about the Issue or physical symptom you would want me to work on.

A few days later,we do the Regression/hypnosis session, which is about 90 minutes.

after the session you will receive a audio recording tailor made for you which you now need to listening to for 21 days

after about a month from the Hypnosis session,we have a final talk 15-20 minutes,or if still needed,we schedule a follow up session or work on another condition.





Most of my therapy sessions,99% I do over Skype or Whatsapp but if you like you certainly can take your session in Person with me,here in Italy,or stay in the area and take a whole series of sessions.

Email: rolfthomas.steiner@sunrise.ch

Telephone: 0039 340 95 27 598

Rolf Thomas Steiner

Frazione Semurano SNC

22010 Cremia/Italy

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