Snowlion center school

The Snowlion Center School is a training, way of life, promoting " AWAKENING TO THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF SELF." We offer Coaching, Events,Therapy sessions, Courses&Professional Trainings. Intensive 4 day transformational Coaching-awakening, right here in Italy/Switzerland




Light & Energy Work

High Sense Perception

Flow with Life

Contact with Nature

Experiential Process Work


Life Skills

Early childhood developement

Character defenses

Neo.Reichian Core Energetics-working with movement,vibrations,breath and voice.

Living A Day In Grace

Cultivating Your New Self-Image

Universal Consciousness-Is Everything

Everyday Healing Rituals


Multidimensional Trauma-work and recovery

What,s Happening in My Body?

Tools for Your Own Self-Knowledge

Helpful Ways To Begin To Attend To Your Own Stillness

Trauma Survivors Have Symptoms Instead Of Memories


Release Your Emotional Ties




Spiritual Awakening

Mantra singing-the fast way of deep transformation

Pathwork-Spiritual Psychology

6th &7th Chakra work-the higher dimensions

Moving in the Matrix 3-5 Dimensions

Meditation-Your Connection To The Devine



The Snowlion 2 Year Program is a series of workshops and Online gatherings,  with many of the newest researched or personal based healing techniques. It,s suitable for people who already have some experience or ability or training in energetic healing, but we absolutely welcome beginner healers and energy workers. It,s a training for people who are interested in healing as an inner process of spiritual developement and emotional awakening.

Each Life Module is predominantly experiental in nature and the material is oriented toward individuals with a longing to deepen their self-awareness, self-love and awakening to a higher personal and professional way of living. We are an assembly of equals joined in common purpose. Awakening to one true self. We live this value by supporting one another on different authentic paths of awakening.


Energy Work

In the study of energy we include the physical , energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, including the awareness of, we are all connected , recognizing and embracing universal wisdom, that each of us has uniquely inside of us.You learn to work with Chakras, the Aura, Intention point, devine Soul expression, parallel world and one,s unique experience of trauma.


We work with our spiritual essence, higher self, personal guidance, and spirizual purpose for physical life here on earth. Our ai mis to expand and deepen our experience as a spiritual being in a human body. To explore our Unlimited Potential is like  getting to know our own essence of universal consciousness.Awakening together is a universal assembly of peers dedicated to recognizing and embracing universal wisdom that we can connect to. We deepen this part with Meditation, Teaching, Sharing, Witnessing and the Desire to Awaken.



Our approach to psychodynamic process work is inspired by the teaching of Oneness University, One Worl Akademy, Pathwork and the Core Energetic Model of self-transformation, as well as a synthesis of different teachings for personal growth and therapy. For the awakening of the evolutionary collective we need to develope our basic trust to know that ultimately all will be fine, opening up our hearts again to the universal truth. If there is a personal process coming up, then the key here is to fully feeel this emotion and welcome it in. Cry, sob, scream, call or talkt o someone you trust, someone who can listen to you without trying to fix anything or make you better. You can also just make an appointment with one oft he teachers, for the time you have returned home.(on Skype)


Life Skills


We believe all spiritual practice needs to open and fulfill a personal and global aspect. We all have come on to this earth to master some personal difficulties in ordert o then teach or be an example to others. We are here to Discover Joy and access your inner guidance in our everyday life. Our intention ist o encourage the transformation of the individual student from a limited state of consciousness into a higher , and more spiritual , state of being, to awaken to a higher understanding of how the universe is, rather than the limited perspective we accepted as children , and then transposed into our adult reality. The invitation ist to become uniquely you, living your own authentic Truth with the highest alignment possible, while exploring the depths of the great evolution of your soul and the experiences 

what to expect



-Expect a relaxed,welcoming and light-hearted training that takes your learning goals seriously.

-Expect to be surprised.

-Expect to challenge what you thought you knew about yourself and to find a depth you might not have seen before.

-Expect laughter, and quiet possibly a few tears of discovery.

-Expect to be supported by your fellow students as you experiment with facilitating and learn new skills.

-Expect some things to fall into place.

Who takes the training.

Coaches,Healers,Housewifes, Managers, Teachers, Snowbordinstroctors,etc.

The skills gained in this training will benefit anyone who leads groups, whether in the boardroom, or the hairsaloon, or for him/herself.

It is for people who want to create the world they want to live in, where people are connected to self, others and the earth.

Overcoming our limitations

Uncovering and understanding our human tendency to sabotage ourselves is at the heart of the work that we do at Snowlion. As we come to understand the mechanisms and patterns that underlie self-sabotage, we begin to free ourselfes. We begin to allow ourselfes to interact with ourselfes and the world with greater success, joy, and fulfillment. As we find the wisdom inside our shadow and wounds is the most important journey you can do, and the transformation that arises from within is priceless.